Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bella and the vet

Bella had to go to the vet on Wednesday for her 16 weeks shots, 3 in fact!!! She did pretty good. She weights 21 lbs!
Doc said she is very healthy.

Bella's progress

Well, she has done so much since I got Bella 2 weeks and 2 days ago.

She is about house trained...not yet to be free in the house due to her chewing on everything in sight.

She has been to several restaurants, and her first intersection in the city. She did great, because the other dogs were around in our puppy raising group.

She is a hit everywhere she goes, children to the elderly just are drawn to her. It is quite fun I must admit being able to take her to some places I go at this time.

We are always in training mode outside of the house. Commands like down stay, stairs up...etc. It is Very Different from raising a pet.

Enjoy the new pics!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Target visit

Bella and family went to Target on Wednesday. She was a big hit...we were able to speak of SEGD and the sponsors part as well as her program while with her puppy raisers.

It was a great exposure. We stayed up front while my hubby shopped for me.

Everyone was very impressed with her poise.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Bath time

Bella got her first bath with me today. She was very still, I bathed her and cleaned her ears. She did not whimper once!
1st public appearance

Today a few of us went to a Church summer camp of many children. They were very attentive to the speaker and had great questions. We got lost of course, and Bella being in the car for over an hour, after lunch and nap was raring to go! She was quiet but very wiggly.

It was great bringing awareness to young folks!
Bella's milestone today!!!!
She hopped in the car today, after I said, "car in". I was so proud of her...only a few days ago was her first car ride with me!

Friday, July 6, 2007

How you can help !

If anyone is so moved that they would like to help out SEGD in their endeavor of basically setting people free in having a Guide Dog, you may do so by going to a safe site for charitable donations, that SEGD trusts.

People like me who are raising funds for SEGD's annual Walk-a-thon are suggested to use for donations. The donations go directly to SEGD. My site is

Please consider, any amount is so appreciated!

Thank you!!!
Carla <><

Bella's Sponsor

Bella was sponsored by the Pilot Club of Macon, GA. They have yet to meet Bella. I am so excited our sponsor is here in GA so we can visit them hopefully many times while she is being puppy raised.


Loves that marble floor

Today, we went to Best Buy to get a monitor, and Bella just dropped all fours when she touched the main walkway! It was so funny, it drew a lot of attention to her and of course I had another opportunity to talk about SEGD school !!! :)

We will have to practice that surface a lot, so she won't do that in the future.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Bella loves to have her teeth brushed. It may be due to the poultry tasting toothpaste (?!%*%)

Our hot spots so far...

Bella has made her presence known so far ...

Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant
Barnes & Noble (BIG hit)
Rice (Thai) Restaurant, downtown Historical Roswell (MY FAV PLACE TO EAT)
Marco Polo Restaurant (great Sushi) This was her first outing, she was terrific
CVS Pharmacy

She has decided being in the car is not so bad...and her latest BIG news is.......
she slept all night (7.5 hours) at 10 weeks old!

I think she is a *STAR*

All about Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc.

Wow, this is so exciting. I am finally a Guide Dog Puppy raiser, to an amazing female black Lab! The school that she is from breeds, trains and places Guide Dogs to people who are seeing impaired at no cost to the candidate.

A candidate can be from any part of the United States. Most puppy raisers are from the south, Florida, Georgia, N. Carolina, Tennessee.

The school is in Palmetto, Florida and was originated in 1982. Their web site is

It is my job (pleasure) to expose Bella to all kinds of sounds, scents, experiences and especially obedience over the next 12 + months. Her training is all mapped out as well as "field trips" at least 2x a month with our area coordinator.

My particular sweet puppy was sponsored by a Pilot Club of Macon, GA. We appreciate our sponsors so much, as they fund her costs the first year of her life and are able to name their puppy.

A few years ago I attended a SEGD Annual Walk-a-thon and it changed my life. I was able to see up close and personal exactly how much the Guide Dogs change and mobilize a persons life. It was very moving. Some people basically never leave their house....then they are granted this amazing animal and go and do just like the rest of us.

The school is supported by donations, fund raisers and walk-a-thons. Please consider a donation to Southeastern Guide Dogs, Inc,

I am SO thankful to my vision and feel so strongly about this school, and everything they stand for it is my honor and privilage to help out in this way!

Thank you, and I will be updating this site with Bella's progress and puppy visits, so stay tuned.

Atlanta, Georgia